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Summer Academy, K-5 Academy & Sports Program

Summer Academy 2018
Registration Closes on Thursday, June 7 at 10:00 am
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K-5 Math & Reading Academy 2018

The K-5 Math & Reading Academy is for students in need of K-5 intervention support. Priority students are currently being provided intervention services at any of the K-8 BHUSD schools. Secondary target students are any students that were formally receiving intervention support or are in need of intervention support.


The courses are designed to be intervention courses to remediate instruction for students identified as at risk in English Language Arts and Mathematics. In this program, all students will receive both English Language Arts and Math intervention support. The program will offer both individual and small group instruction, as well as support through online computer programs. All Instructors will be certificated BHUSD teachers.

Please note that all students who register for this program will pay the full $525, no exceptions.

Sports Program 2018
Registration Opens April 1st!
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