Take A Seat




The BHEF Legacy Campaign will create opportunities for future BHUSD students to have the same fulfilling experience that you enjoyed during your time at BHUSD.


Your financial contribution helps students receive an outstanding BHUSD education, and is a powerful way to show your appreciation for the support you received when you were a student, while empowering future generations.






  • Personal Fulfillment knowing that you are helping to sustain the the same educational district that you were a part of, full of meaning and precious memories.
  • Appreciation of a financial investment that improves community you live in.
  • Acknowledgement of your commitment to the future of BHUSD —whether it be the listing of your name on the seats of our newly renovated auditoriums, recognition at BHEF events, or the appearance of your name in BHEF’s Legacy Campaign digital and print media.
New opportunities for alumni to make an impact on BHUSD
Each year graduates from Beverly Hills schools organize class reunions to celebrate and remember their time together in BHUSD. As you plan for this exciting event to commemorate your class we are excited to present new opportunities for alumni to make an important impact on the current and future students of the Beverly Hills Unified School District.

Since 1978, the BHEF has been committed to the mission of elevating education beyond what is possible with public funding by investing in opportunities that make our community R.I.S.E. inspire learning, enrich teaching, promote innovation and award academic excellence - for all children in the BHUSD community.

A Class Gift that both acknowledges your class and gives back to the District are wonderful ways for your graduating class to make a lasting impact and give back to the beloved Beverly Hills school of your choice.

Beverly Hills Education Foundation (BHEF), on behalf of the District handles naming opportunities, which make a perfect class gift or classmate (or favorite teacher) memorial from your graduating class. From naming a concrete bench, spaces such as the Cafeteria Terrace, a classroom, laboratories or even the new auditorium stage.