Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Beverly Hills Education Foundation?
The Beverly Hills Education Foundation (BHEF) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that supports the four public schools in the Beverly Hills Unified School District, providing much needed funding for high-quality programs and enrichment opportunities for all students, going beyond the norm to achieve excellence in the Beverly Hills schools.
Who controls BHEF?
The Beverly Hills Education Foundation is a volunteer organization comprised of a group of dedicated and highly motivated parents and community leaders who believe in the public-school experience and who strive to enrich the lives of every student in Beverly Hills to the best of their ability. Led by an Executive Committee comprised of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, and the Board of Directors.
Who determines how BHEF’s money is allocated?
The Executive Committee receive direction from the Beverly Hills Unified School District Superintendent’s office on what budget items need funding for the immediate school year, and for the future. The Foundation also accepts endowment contributions for targeted funding, pre-approved by the Superintendent.
Why should I donate to BHEF?
Monies provided to the school district by city, state, and federal governments barely cover the funding for a basic education. The students, parents, and the community of Beverly Hills expect more. BHEF provides the additional educational and enrichment programs, qualified teachers and necessary support for Beverly Hills Unified School District to offer the educational and learning environment that is expected in order for our students to achieve excellence. In a “Unified” district, all students, at every school are expected to receive the same experience. Monies provided to school site PTAs do not fund district-wide programs and do not pay teachers' salaries. Only your contribution to BHEF will.
What is the difference between PTA and BHEF?
PTAs allow parents to participate in the local school experience. Funding at this level allows for amenities within the classroom (e.g. classroom supplies, teaching supplies, technology enhancements), and extra perks for the students to make their experience magical (events, field trips, learning experiences). Funding at the Beverly Hills Education Foundation level allows for major educational enhancements to occur with the hiring of teachers and staff (PTAs cannot fund “teachers”), the ability to supplement gaps in the school district’s budget when state and city funding is lacking, and contributions to educational programming that the entire school district shares in equally.
How much should I donate?
BHEF’s goal is for 100% participation. This means whatever you can afford to contribute is greatly appreciated. For those that can, we ask for $750 per student. The actual gap in funding from what the district is provided each year to cover basic needs and what is needed to fund the “wish list” of the Superintendent, is $4,000,000. With roughly 3,000 students in the district, this calculates to be $750 per student.
If I donate to the PTA, do I still need to donate to BHEF?
Yes. We ask that you divide your contribution as best as you can, contributing to both the PTA and BHEF. Both are needed, yet we have different missions that are equally as important.
How do I make a donation to BHEF?
Visit and click on the Donate Now! tab or send in your payment to:
Beverly Hills Education Foundation
255 South Lasky Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
You can also call us directly at 310-557-0651.
Does BHEF have an endowment fund?
Yes. Monies contributed directly to the existing Beverly Hills Education Foundation Endowment Fund will be very well utilized, as your money will continue to grow and provide funding to the Beverly Hills Unified School District for perpetuity.