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Our Story

The primary focus of the Beverly Hills Education Foundation is to raise money and awareness for the Beverly Hills Unified School District.

We are working to connect our community - bringing together our school families, community leaders, civic leaders, businesses and alumni - to ensure excellence within our Beverly Hills Public School system.

BHEF is the only Beverly Hills fundraising organization for education that:
  • has an endowment to assure continual giving,
  • sells the naming opportunities for all of the schools,
  • pays for teachers and staff in addition to programs and materials,
  • provides parity in the district by donating funds to all of our schools,
  • is uniquely positioned to bridge neighborhood schools with businesses and civic leaders because of a community-wide commitment.
Beverly Hills Schools continue to receive many state and national awards for outstanding and innovative programs in journalism, drama, athletics, architectures, the sciences and arts. Despite our outstanding reputation, it is important to let the community know that the public schools in Beverly Hills are not independently wealthy. The truth is we need to raise additional funds to maintain and exceed the quality of education all children deserve. Without BHEF, our PTAs, and the Joint Powers land lease Agreement from the City of Beverly Hills, many of the programs that our school district has implemented would need to be immediately eliminated or reduced.

Many millions of dollars have been raised by the Beverly Hills Education Foundation and contributed to our school district to enhance revenues needed to fund vital school needs including:
  • College Counselor
  • Visual and Performing Arts Programs
  • PBIS Coordinator
  • BHUSD Science Fair
  • Library Support
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Foreign Language
  • Co-Curricular Enrichment Opportunities
  • Media and KBEV
  • Elementary School Summer Enrichment
  • Summer Academy
  • Coaches
  • Arts Programming
Our Vision
The Beverly Hills Education Foundation believes that nothing is more important than the education of our children and that we must do whatever we can to assure that our schools, in our world famous city, set the standard for excellence in public education.
Beverly Hills has the finest police and fire department in the country. BHEF ensures that our schools are also the best. We work towards schools that are rich in programming, academic challenge, enrichment opportunities, arts and athletics. We want our facilities to shine and for our students to develop critical thinking skills as well as the character required to use these skills in ways that allow them to meet the challenges unique to their generation, challenges that will require creativity and intellect. We want to see all parents, all community leaders and all businesses within our city work together, hand in hand, to assure that our schools are a model of the great equalizer in our nation, public education.
All children deserve nothing less than excellence and as guardians of public education, we must help provide for their future, now.